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DiskPulse Enterprise Web-Based Interface

DiskPulse Enterprise provides a complete web-based management interface allowing one to control, configure and manage one or more DiskPulse Servers using a regular web browser from any computer on the network.

In order to enable the web-based management interface for a DiskPulse Enterprise installation, connect to the server using the DiskPulse client GUI application, open the 'Options' dialog, select the 'Server' tab, enable the 'Web Server' option and press the 'Save' button.

By default, the DiskPulse web server uses the TCP/IP port 80, which is a standard port used by web browsers to connect to web servers. Sometimes, the standard web access port may be in use by other applications or services installed on the server, preventing the DiskPulse web interface to operate properly. In this case, the user needs to change the web access port number and then, in order to connect to the custom port, type in the web browser address bar: http://server-name:port-number.

The DiskPulse Enterprise web-based interface is a dynamic web application, which automatically updates the status of active disk change monitoring operations, and in order to operate properly, the web-based interface requires JavaScript to be enabled in the web browser.