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Using File Categories and File Filters

DiskPulse Pro allows one to categorize and filter detected file system changes by the file extension, file type and change type. When monitoring one or more disks or directories, DiskPulse automatically categorizes all detected file system changes and constantly updates the list of file categories, which is located just under the change list in the main GUI application.

By default, DiskPulse categorizes all files by the file extension and shows a list of all types of detected file extensions sorted by the number of changed files. For each category, Disk Pulse shows the amount of disk space, the number of changed files and the percentage of changed files relative to other file categories. Use the 'Categories' combo box to categorize files by the file type or change type.

One of the most useful features of DiskPulse is the ability to filter detected file system changes using one or more categorized file filters. For example, in order to see all newly created files, select the change-type-based file categorization mode and double click on the 'Created Files' file category. DiskPulse will filter the list of detected disk changes and show the newly created files only.