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DiskPulse Server E-Mail Notifications

DiskPulse provides the ability to send E-Mail notifications when a disk change monitoring command detects a user-specified number of changes. In order to configure E-Mail notifications, open the main settings page and click on the 'Configure E-Mail Server' link.

On the E-Mail server configuration page, enter the SMTP server host name, port, user name, password and the source E-Mail address to use to send E-Mail notifications. Optionally, enable the secure SMTP connection mode and select an appropriate security algorithm.

Now, open the advanced disk change monitoring options page, press the 'Add Action' button, select an appropriate E-Mail notification type and enter a destination E-Mail address to send notifications to. The simplest notification type is the 'HTML E-Mail Notification' which includes detected file system changes in the E-Mail message body in the HTML format. A more advanced option is the 'PDF Report' notification, which attaches a PDF report to each E-Mail notification and includes graphical pie charts and additional statistics.