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DiskPulse Server Disk Monitoring Status

In order to view an extended status for a disk change monitoring command, click on the monitoring command item on the DiskPulse Server main status page. The command status page shows the current status of the disk change monitoring command, the number of detected file system changes, the change rate, the monitoring process time and the total number of executed actions, saved reports and sent E-Mail notifications.

In order to review detected changes for an active or completed disk change monitoring command, open the monitoring command status page and press the 'View Changes' button. For each detected file system change, the disk change monitoring results page shows the date and time of the change, the type of the change operation (created, modified, deleted, etc.), the size of the file as recorded at the time of the change, the owner of the changed file or directory and the name of the changed file or directory.

DiskPulse Server provides the ability to export detected file system changes into a large number of different formats including HTML, text, Excel CSV, XML, PDF and the DiskPulse native report format, which may be used to backup a history of disk change monitoring reports, submit reports from multiple production servers into a centralized SQL database and then perform advanced search and analysis operations.